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Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Tea Leaves

Yesterday marked the second scrimmage for the football team ($$$) (here's the AJC article if you want the free version) and we got what we should expect out of those kinds of things. There were no injuries to speak of, at least no new injuries, and it looks like the Offense fared a tad bit better against the Defense than they did the last time they scrimmaged. Other than that, here are some other tidbits from yesterday:
  • Jakar Hamilton, who's missed nearly all of fall with what was thought to be a hamstring issue, is lost for the year after it was discovered he had a broken ankle. He will most likely redshirt and will be a fifth year senior next year.
  • Isaiah Crowell and Richard Samuel saw no action in the scrimmage. One thing that I noticed was Richt's comment about Crowell was that he should definitely be ready by gameday. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but perhaps his groin issue is worse than originally thought? Being ready by gameday should be a no-brainer if it wasn't the big deal like everyone said. 
  • Rambo is still in some sort of jail in regards to the media and apparently playing time. Word is that he's been rotating out of his starting spot more and more and it looks like Sanders Commings will be the benefactor in the end. With Jakar Hamilton now out, Commings is probably a lock to stay at Safety, particularly with Branden Smith having a great fall. So, you're starting two until we hear a peep from Rambo should be Sanders Commings and Shawn Williams. I'd love to know what's going on with Rambo, but if the UGA coaches are avoiding the issue for whatever reason, then it's probably for the best. 
  • In better news, another word is that Alec Ogletree is going to show people this season how much of a natural fit he is at Linebacker. If I'm being honest, the guy is a natural football player and so the coaches made, in my opinion, an EXCELLENT call to put him there. I know the lion's share of the attention goes to Jarvis Jones and John Jenkins, but by season's end, my guess is that we are going to be downright giddy to know we have one more year of Alec Ogletree on the field.
  • Some odd stats came out of the Wide Receivers today, with Troupe, Wooten and Mitchell all getting some decent yardage. I'm not sure if the other guys' stats were held back on purpose, but it's good to see the second group of pass catchers get a little bit of love on the field. Maybe we're not as razor thin with depth as we once thought?
  • Finally, Orson Charles was cleared by the NCAA after being named in the Miami Death Machine that's going on down in South Beach. I never worried about this for a second, truthfully. From everything I've heard, Orson isn't that kind of guy and since he didn't sign with Miami, he never had the opportunity to be. Quickly about Miami, though; why is everyone so sure Miami's going to burn for this? You do realize we're talking about the NCAA, right? I don't care what the evidence says...WE'RE TALKING ABOUT THE NCAA.
Other than those nuggets, there wasn't much to expound upon. As long as we have somewhat healthy bodies and guys are progressing, I'm pleased. All that said, I know we need the practice time, but if I could go "toe meets leather" today, I would. I'm way too ready for football to start.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dawg-gone Podcast Show #19

Hello again kids. Flying solo for Show #19. I went and did some work over the weekend and totally forgot it was Monday and time to record, so I asked The Mayor a little too late for him to work it into his schedule. Never fear, though, T. Kyle's going to join me again soon and hopefully as early as next week. Although, my fiancé's cat decided to make her presence known a couple of times while I was recording, so when you hear her in the background, don't be surprised.

No earth-shattering news in this episode. I just decided to talk a little bit about practice starting, my thoughts on what the offense could possibly look like this year, why I think we'll be better-than-good in the WR corps (even though I have no idea who "Marlon Byrd" is) and I gave some other sites (and podcasts!) some love that I think you should read/listen to because during this time of year, there is no such thing as "too much information." 

Oh, and I close the show this time around with the updated Kayne West's "Stronger" with calls from 2010. I already posted about this tune earlier in July, but I really just like the tune and I like that it's been updated. So, enjoy that as well. 

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Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Slive puts NCAA on notice

By now, you've undoubtedly heard about the statement SEC Commissioner Mike Slive made at the beginning of SEC Media Days. The long-short of it is Slive wants to raise academic requirements and create a system that gives the student athlete multiyear scholarships, and opens up their options instead of hindering nearly every aspect of their personal life.

I agree with a lot of what Slive said today. It seems to be a very proactive move that should win rave reviews from the same media (and B1G Ten officials) that take so much pleasure in blasting the SEC for oversigning, low academic requirements, etc. Slive dropped a PR bomb on the journalists in attendance and, as of this moment, many are still trying to wrap their head around all the information.

What may go under the radar though, is how Slive basically put the NCAA on notice. He mentioned NCAA president Mark Emmert by name many times but his tone was never one of the SEC being a part of the NCAA as much as it was the SEC flexing its muscle to the NCAA. Slive knows that the SEC is its own brand and he knows he's the head of the ruler of NCAA football. What he said today to the NCAA was "We're going to work on our house, but you have to work on yours. If not, we're changing neighborhoods." He never mentioned ever leaving the NCAA or even hinted at it, but the tone was clear and his frustration was noticeable.

Slive is not a dumb man. He knows that the NCAA has spent so much time shooting himself in its own foot that IF (and that's a big if) the SEC wanted to jump ship and create its own amateur sports league, it would probably have two or three conferences join as well. Remember, the NCAA didn't craft that SEC Television contract with ESPN. The NCAA didn't draw up the specifics of the CBS one, either. The SEC has the power, and it'll have the money for the next decade. The ball is firmly in their court.

Kudos to Slive to standing up to the boys in Indianapolis. Talking about change is the first step in getting it started.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Flying coach from Eugene to Indianapolis

Chip Kelly, the head coach of the Oregon Ducks football team, has recently found himself in a little bit of a precarious position. If you're reading this blog, you probably already know that, but just to give you a brief background on the whole thing, let's just say that Oregon paid for a recruiting service that did less scouting than it did flat out delivering guys to play for them. The Yahoo! report that began all this basically pointed out how this recruiting service, called CSS and ran by a man named Willie Lyles, was influential in the signing of a recruit to Oregon.

So Chip Kelly finds himself in a mess because this recruiting service he bought was blatantly purchased to influence recruits. Oregon requested no written information from Lyles until they were already in hot water, while LSU and Cal both received written information and about $19k-20k less than Oregon paid. In a nutshell, Oregon did wrong, they know it and the NCAA is going to hit them with sanctions...we assume.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dawg-gone Podcast Show #18

With apologies to professional journalists or podcasters, I knocked the dust off the microphone and recorded a solo offering of the DGP last night for you guys.

Hopefully, the next time I record an episode, I'll have the Good Mayor T. Kyle King with me. If that happens, I can promise a much more credible show than this one. However, you do get the added bonus of me accidentally saying "Reggie Bush's Hymen," which is a treat in and of itself.

Topics covered include talking a little more in depth about the Jarvis Jones/KCP Scenario, the Brent Benedict conundrum and a quick plug for the Georgia Bulldogs 2011 Maple Street Press Annual. Also, I go on a nice rant about the NCAA, for all you haters out there.

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Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Corruption in Columbus...Georgia

This UGA offseason went from relatively quiet to a small fever pitch in a bit of a hurry. No, nothing earth-shattering has happened, really, but two quick bits of news in a 24 hour period do seem to have people talking.

First, let's tackle the Jarvis Jones & Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (KCP) debacle that's going on:

I tweeted yesterday on my personal account that there was an Auburn-esque type situation brewing in Columbus. Was it a little dramatic? Some could have seen it that way, but I don't. I used that language because this is a prime opportunity for both KCP and Jones to say that they had no idea about these benefits and let the NCAA handle it from there. Obviously, nothing came of the Newton saga than one day of ineligibility, and since then, the whole situation is just passed down info that sounds something like this:

"You just wait. On (insert future date within a two-week timeframe), the court documents will be unsealed and (insert random rich Auburn booster name) will take the stand and the NCAA will (obligatory NCAA "hammer" remark) on the program. They'll forfeit everything and will be sent back to (random historical reference that eludes to the Stone Age)."

Anyway, this is a really interesting situation. At this moment, Jones is only dealing with roughly $800+ dollars in extra benefits, which doesn't put him in terrible shape, as that amount of money can be repaid and I wouldn't see any need for extra time than 2-3 games. KCP is in about the same situation right now, as his extra benefits for his mom's cell phone only totaled about $280. However, it doesn't help his situation that he hung up the phone on the police when they talked to him and asked him to meet in person. Legally though, it's not too bad of an issue.

Personally, at worst I think KCP loses 6-10 games. That'd be the very worst case scenario I see right now. It honestly may be about five games total, as a similar situation from another AAU program was discovered that paid a player about $4100 and he is only serving six games, including one Big 12 tournament game from last year.

What UGA fans need to remember is that if nothing new is discovered, there's no need to worry about severe suspensions for each. However, there's never anything good about the NCAA sniffing anywhere around your program. Remember, it wasn't like AJ's jersey scandal was discovered by the NCAA until they went and asked him about a report that he'd been to an agent-sponsored party. They dug around in that and found out about the jersey. He was home free until that moment.

So what'd we learn here today folks? The moral of the story is that AAU is a cesspool and you never give the NCAA any information willingly.

I'll comment on the Brent Benedict matter in another post shortly.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.