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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dawg Gone Podcast Show 21

Hello again kids. We've got a LONG one on tap for you today (insert obligatory). As I say in the episode, I'm going to be on a short vacation next week, so there will be no show. So, in an effort to quench your Dawgly Thirst, there's almost TWO HOURS of stuff for you guys to listen to in this episode.

Now, I would never give you guys two hours of me talking. You'd never come back. So, here's our own "Dream Team" for this episode:

Gentry Estes -- Writer for
Verron Haynes -- You know who he is, but if you don't (how dare you), here's a hint. By the way, NICEST. GUY. EVER. I can't wait to have him back and feel free to reach out to him via his website to see how you can help with The Verron Haynes Foundation.
T. Kyle King -- The Mariano Rivera of closing a show drops knowledge bombs on your brain stem (as he always does).

Finally, before I give you guys the link, the last show not only broke, but shattered, the previous record which had been the show after the Auburn game. I say this in the episode, but it's worth repeating here, we're either doing something right for you guys to help us grow, or we're doing something so drastically wrong that you're telling your friends so that y'all can laugh at us. Either way, thank you for listening, subscribing and passing along word about the show and the blog. I appreciate it more than you guys know.

Ok, on to the linkage:

You can listen to/download the podcast on iTunes here.
You can listen to/download the podcast in MP3 format here.
You can email me about the podcast or blog in general here.
You can also stream the podcast in flash format at the bottom of the page.

One more thing, Resident Site Girl Olivia Wilde is still searching for a team to root for this college football season (at least in my mind, that's what she's doing). Make sure you contact her and tell her how we'd love to see her in Red & Black.

See? It's a great look for her. The dress that is...perverts.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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