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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Backfield to the future

In a somewhat surprising move, Richard Samuel has been moved back to Running Back. The move was announced this afternoon by Mark Richt, who released a statement. Samuel also released a statement confirming the move, adding he was "ready to do anything to help the team win."

Reading between the lines, I think the Samuel move was mainly due to blocking ability. Since no one's seem Boo Malcolme play, you can only assume that his blocking MAY not be where it needs to be yet. The same goes for Isaiah Crowell. There's no doubt that if you can't pick up a blitz, Mark Richt will not play you. Period.

Dawg fans need to support Samuel in this. I don't personally like the move because it happened to Kiante Tripp and we all saw how that worked out for him. I just don't want Samuel to become the victim of a lot of shifting. He's as athletically talented as anyone on the team, but we also needed another tailback. It's just a move that if it pans out, great, but if it doesn't, it's a shame.

Like everything else right now, I'll just throw my support to it and hope it all shakes out in the fall. There's a reason why I'm not paid to make these decisions and others are.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.


  1. Thank God for Bloggers who are not meat grinders and coach grinders!!! Bless you my friend well said every word. I am thinking, hoping, praying this will be Robert Edwardish

  2. This is a matter of more debth at linebacker than at running back. Plus, Samuel did have that 80 yard touchdown run. Plus, Samuel should be bigger, stronger, and faster than he was two years ago.

    Who knows how this will work out. We'll start to see in a few short weeks, won't we?

  3. I think it could have been a little premature with someone that they have be pleasantly surprised with, but there's also a chance that it may work out better then anyone could imagine...RS may have learned a thing or two after seeing things from the other side of the ball. Or it doesn't...I think it helps the backfield more then it hurts it for sure...GO DAWGS!!