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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

UGA/Boise State Details Revealed

I sent this out over Twitter a littler earlier, but has a great post today about the upcoming UGA/Boise State game, including some contract details and a seating chart. I'll hit a few of the high points that I found interesting, but the entire post is worth your time to read.

My first reaction was to the seating chart and the amount of tickets possessed by the Dawgs. First, I don't expect all 53k UGA fans to hold on to the tickets they purchased. It'll be a big payday for anyone willing to part with their ticket, but I do expect any UGA fan that sells their ticket will most likely sell it to another UGA fan who didn't have the chance to purchase one. So, any tickets that Georgia fans sell will ultimately be a wash in the plus/minus category for numbers of fans we have in the Dome.

On the flip side, I wouldn't at all be surprised to see lots of Boise State fans let their seats go. I know that the number of tickets Boise has isn't very large in general, but even with reduced numbers, it'll be a LONG drive for any Boise fan, and I can't think there has to be a ton of them that live within the confines of the Southeast.

In the end-all-be-all, I fully expect about 57k UGA fans in the Dome, with the rest being Boise fans and casual football fans looking to see a big game. If all of those Dawg fans show up ready to make noise, it will be a very big plus in helping the team pull out a victory.

Secondly, I was just as surprised as The Good Senator was by seeing that upon approval of both schools, beer could possibly be served until halftime. I also agree with him, though, that I highly doubt it will actually happen. If it does, it'll be a big plus for Dawg fans as well since it's always good to have the home crowd liquidly lubricated for a big game. Why do you think LSU doesn't lose at night in Tiger Stadium?

Finally, using SEC officials is something that, as a Georgia fan, makes gives me "concerned relief." I say that because we are not always known for getting the best calls in games (warning, the video is loud), but it's such a marquee game for the SEC that I have to think the Refs may give us a little help here and there. With as much disdain for the SEC as there is out there, I can only imagine that it's a good thing we're not at the mercy of B1G Ten or Pac-12 officials, but if Penn Wagers takes the field as the head Ref, how much better off are we, really?

All that being said, I'd like to get the Ref below on the payroll for the Boise game, USC game, or both. It's obvious he has a disdain for Garcia and doesn't mind laying a hit. If Kellen Moore decides he wants to scramble, this guy maintains his gap, squares up, and drives through the hit. Good form.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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