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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Contest Results

Hello again, kids. First, I want to thank everyone for submitting to the contest to win a free issue of the Maple Street Press Bulldogs Kickoff 2011 Issue. In the end, my warm heart couldn't decide on just one, so we have two winners.

Those people are Chris H. from Las Vegas, Nevada and Kerri L. from New York (the city AND state). Here are some of their answers that put them over the top (I've shortened them some to give you the gist of it):

1. Mark Richt will lead this team to "X" victories this year.

Chris: Mark Richt will lead this team to 10 victories this year.  I realize we have some big questions, however as I look over the schedule I really feel like we have a good chance in every game.  

Kerri: 11-3 (lose SEC champ game, win a bowl game) (Editor's Note: Kerri's big on brevity). 

2. We will lose to "X."

Chris: We will lose to "Florida" and "Boise State".  You know how much it kills me to type that?!  My faith in big opening games just isn't there which is why I worry about the Boise game.  Florida... A little piece of me dies as I watch our Dawgs give the games away.  If I always doubt a victory here it hurts a little less.

Kerri: Boise, Mississippi State, SEC West Champ* (*I'm going with Mississippi State because if we lose to the Gaytors again, even with the bye week, I may not make it through another season.)

3. The new site girl for the Dawg-gone Blog should be "X" because...

Chris: While I am not her biggest fan, she seems to be in just about everything coming out of Hollywood lately. Apparently people like her. (Editor's Note: LOGIC!)

Kerri: Torn between Pippa's butt (Editor's Note: emphasis added) and Olivia Wilde. If I have to choose one, I go for Olivia Wilde because of this: I'm a girl, I'm married (to a man) but that is hotness right there. 

So there you have it, kids. Now you see why I had to have two winners. Both made extremely valid points, and Kerri got a late surge by adding in Pippa's butt. Well played, madam. 

Oh, and while I'm talking about that, Ms. Wilde is very active on the Twittah's so I'm going to let this Cowboys & Aliens thing settle down a bit and then reach out to her to see if she'd like to have a college team for which to root. We'll see how that goes and if it results in me staying 500 yards away from stuff. 

Copies will be going out to each of them in the next week (though I may hand deliver mine to Chris because I'll be out in Vegas in late August). Congrats to them both, thank you guys for participating, thanks to everyone else who participated and thanks to you all for reading!

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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  1. You chopped off my suggestion for the "site girl". You gave my reason, but removed the part where I actually said "Olivia Wilde".

    Oh... and for winning... "Woo-hoo!" See you in a couple weeks!