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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Contest for the Calm Before the Storm

I was going to announce this on my personal Twitter account for my 8,000 tweet yesterday, but I got a small virus and that took precedence over doing any kind of contest. However, that's hopefully been fixed and so we can continue.

You guys might remember that not too long ago, I announced my participation in the Dawgs Kickoff 2011 Issue published by Maple Street Press. The Mayor T. Kyle King headed up the project and after I received my advanced copy, I realized what an EXCELLENT job he did in getting great writers to contribute fantastic articles.

The Bulldogs Issue for the MSP is a relatively new thing and I am of the mindset that if you've been a regular reader of Athlon, Lindys or otherwise, you'll enjoy this magazine. It has a distinct Georgia bias without ignoring the facts of what this team faces in 2011.

So how do you get a copy? Well, if you want to go pick up your own, you can go to any Barnes & Noble, Target or Wal-Mart newsstand. They should have copies there. If they don't, ask them to order some, or you can go to the Maple Street Press site and order your own.

But that's not why you're here. You're here to WIN a copy that I'll pay for and have mailed to you. I don't want to make this a random drawing or anything, so you will have to dig into your Bulldog conscious to win. I want you to email me at dawggoneblog [at] gmail [dot] com your answers to these questions:

1. Mark Richt will lead this team to "X" victories this year.
2. We will lose to "X" (may be more than one X).
3. The new site girl for the Dawg-gone Blog should be "X" because...

It doesn't have to be terribly long. I'd prefer it not to be, actually. Just keep it creative. It's going to allow me to keep a good pulse on what my readers are thinking and I'll reward the winner with the magazine issue and republish their post here. I'm not sure I'll make their suggestion the new site girl, but she will definitely be under consideration. I'd love to keep Keira around, but it's time for change.

Looking forward to the answers. You have until Friday morning. I should announce the winner Friday evening and order the magazine Monday.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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